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Earn rewards with your CG Hero
CG Meta Gameplay
Boost Your Hero, Complete Quests and Collect Rewards
CG Hero
CG Hero
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Unlock a universe of Quests and adventures with your very own CG Hero NFT! Whether you own or rent, your Hero is your passport to an exhilarating journey through the metaverse.
Get your hands on a Hero today! Choose to buy from the marketplaces below, burn $VIL, or try out a rental.
CG HeroCG Hero
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Elevate your Hero NFT with epic loot! Whether it's common, rare, epic, or legendary gear you seek, each piece amplifies your score and brings you closer to greater rewards.
You can either purchase equipment or loot boxes from other players, or earn them through staking. Each loot box is guaranteed to contain one piece of equipment, which can be of any rarity.
Embark on a Quest...
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Level up and earn rewards
Unlimited Heroes
Cash prizes, NFTs, and $VIL coins
Upgradeable NFTs
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Pool of Rewards
Learn about the components that fuel the CG ecosystem
What is the Pool of Rewards?
CG NFT holders are eligible to claim 1% of $VIL each month after completing at least one Quests. In addition to this, there are other variable rewards including cash, NFTs, tokens, and in-game currencies.
$VIL Coins
Powering your experience through the CG metaverse
Within the CG Meta Game ecosystem, $VIL operates as a meme coin, bringing a touch of humor and satire similar to other meme coins in the crypto world. Despite its lighthearted nature, $VIL plays a functional role, contributing to activities like crafting, leveling up, trading, and various burn mechanisms.
Loot Boxes
Loot Boxes can be earned by staking and/or burning your $VIL. For each $VIL 1,000,000 you stake, you'll receive 1x Loot Box #1. Note that your staked $VIL will be locked for 50 days before becoming accessible again. For each $VIL 50,000 you burn, you'll receive 1x Loot Box #2.
A DAO model will be implemented to let $VIL holders vote for several key features such as next quests, future $VIL rewards, etc.
Burning $VIL
Spend your treasured $VIL coins to unlock distinctive hero skins, elevating your character's visual appeal and uniqueness. Additionally, you can burn your $VIL to obtain other assets within the Crypto-Guilds ecosystem.
Staking Gameplay
Battle against villains to earn rewards in the CG Metaverse. Your active participation as a Hero grants you various in-game benefits and prizes.
Rent a CG Hero
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Craft Your Own Meta Experience
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