Play the Meta Game

Complete 1 Quest per Month in a Web3 Game and

Earn Rewards with CG Free-to-Earn NFT

What are CG Quests?

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Level up and earn rewards

1,000 Free-to-Earn NFTs

Cash prizes, NFTs, and $VIL coins

Upgradeable NFTs

CG community

Find your tribe

Collaborate with top companies in the web3 gaming industry through our platform and exclusive Telegram chat, Crypto-Guilds Alliance. Join the chat and gain access to C-level executives from top companies such as Bitkraft, Animoca, Star Atlas, YGG etc.

Discovery Boxes

Get exposure to the Crypto-Guilds ecosystem

Coming June 19, 2023

Crypto-Guilds NFT

The CG NFT gives you direct access to the rewards pool so you can cash in on your in-game participation.

Genesis Badge

Become a champion user in our ecosystem, get perks and exclusive access to our community.


Earn or purchase $VIL to power up your CG NFT for increased earning potential.

CG B2B Platform

Connecting Guilds and Games

A Platform for Web3 Games to Acquire Players and for Guilds to Find Deals.

Launch Your Own Guild

Mercenary Guild

Adventurers of the metaverse

A Mercenary Guild is a group of players in web3 games who work together to complete missions and earn rewards, such as NFTs or cryptocurrencies. These rewards can be earned by being active in the game, completing tasks, and other objectives.

Capital Guild

Providers of opportunity

A Capital Guild is a group of individuals who invest in web3 gaming, such as by purchasing equity, NFTs, or tokens. The goal of the guild is to acquire these assets and resell them higher later or generate revenue through them by lending them to players or other guilds, such as Mercenary Guilds.

Crafting Guild

Inventors and creators

A Crafting Guild is a group that provides User Generated Content (UGC) to web3 games. They play a crucial role in helping to establish a game by designing and developing in-game content. Crafting Guilds can also earn revenue by breeding and crafting NFTs within the game.

Infra Guild

Builders and tinkerers

An Infra Guild is a group that provides services to web3 games and players by developing technology and infrastructure to improve the web3 gaming experience. This can include things like analytical tools, blockchain layers, automation, payment systems, and onboarding tools. Their goal is to support the web3 gaming ecosystem and make the experience more engaging and accessible for players.

The Tavern

Shark Tank of the Metaverse

The Tavern is our YouTube show where web3 gaming projects pitch to Guild Leaders and VCs to make deals and secure investment. Watch as 4 guild leaders and VCs respond live to the offers made by web3 gaming projects in a format similar to the popular show Shark Tank. Join us for exciting and engaging discussions about the future of web3 gaming and the metaverse.

Connecting Guilds and Games

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